Guardian ad Litem Services

The Worstell Law Firm provides mediation services for divorce, child support, child custody and property matters.

Guardian ad Litem Representation

The Worstell Law Firm provides Guardian ad Litem services when appointed by the Court for family law or probate matters. Kurt McGuff  is the attorney who handles Guardian ad Litem matters and will represent the interests of the child or incapacitated individual. The attorney is required to make a recommendation to the Court that is in the best interest of their client.

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Contacting your matter's assigned Guardian ad Litem

If interested in contacting the Guardian ad Litem assigned to your matter, please contact The Worstell Law Firm at (816) 554-1113. If you are represented by counsel, please note that the assigned Guardian ad Litem will have to obtain your attorney's permission before speaking directly with you.


Fees for Guardian ad Litem appointments vary by matter and are dependent upon how they are ordered to be divided by the Court.  If you have been ordered to pay a portion of a Guardian ad Litem deposit to The Worstell Law Firm, you may do so at the link advance, you may do so on the link below.