The Worstell Law Firm provides mediation services for divorce, child support, child custody and property matters.


Mediation ProceSs

Mediation is an informal non-binding process in which the parties select a neutral third party in assisting in settlement. If the parties are able to resolve their issues in mediation, it may significantly reduce legal fees for both parties in the matter. For mediation clients who are represented by attorneys, the agreements reached in mediation will be submitted to the attorneys for finalization of the matter. The Worstell Law Firm provides mediation services for individuals both represented by attorneys and who are currently represented by counsel.

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Scheduling Mediation

If interested in scheduling a mediation, please contact The Worstell Law Firm at (816) 554-1113. Mediations are scheduled in two (2) hour increments.


Fees for mediation are dependent upon the attorney assisting in the mediation and will be confirmed in advance of the mediation appointment based upon that attorney's hourly rate. All fees for mediation must be paid in two (2) days in advance.  If you are scheduled for mediation and are paying in advance, you may do so on the link below.