The Worstell Law Firm is a law firm based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The firm provides legal services in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding suburbs in both Missouri and Kansas.  Established in 2004 by Jill Marie Worstell, the firm has continued to build on its reputation for representing civil matters with skill, efficiency and professionalism.  The firm has a uniquely superior track record of providing consistently high quality work and achieving the most optimal results possible for business and individual clients.  The attorneys and professionals provide a wealth of experience and knowledge.


I began The Worstell Law Firm when I was getting my M.B.A. in at the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2004. It has been my life dream to provide exceptional legal service in the area of civil litigation, primarily with areas affecting families. As a corporate attorney at other organizations I was provided a generous opportunity by my employers to continue growing my firm until I took my own practice full-time on March 15, 2012. As a single mother at the time, I was very committed to making the practice a success and it has been a success beyond my most ambitious dreams. Since then, in the past six (6) years, The Worstell Law Firm has become among the fastest growing and premiere family law firms in Eastern Jackson County. I attribute this to our focus on exemplary client customer service and a team mentality. My firm is committed to achieving resolutions to the challenges and opportunities that our clients face and we work to provide the highest level of client service. Thank you for considering The Worstell Law Firm for your legal needs.