Family Law

The Worstell Law Firm represents individual clients in a broad range of family law objectives, in both Missouri and Kansas.  The firm handles both amicable family law cases and also will aggressively pursue and defend highly-contested actions in all stages of litigation from simple to extremely complex issues. In hiring a family law attorney, the highest care should be utilized in lawyer selection and any client seeking an attorney who will affect their family will benefit from experienced, representation. Every family law situation is unique and The Worstell Law Firm treats them as such. We provide representation tailored to a client's unique budget and hourly rates differ depending upon the family law attorney handling the matter. The firm provides additional family law services as representation for children as Guardian ad Litem and as mediator in family law matters.


We offer legal services for both uncontested divorces and contested divorces tailored to fit any client's legal budget in both Missouri and Kansas. Our attorneys are highly trained and experienced in all areas of the divorce process, including child support, maintenance, asset and debt division, business evaluations and unique custody circumstances. 



We offer services for both uncontested and contested actions concerning maintenance, child support, custody and parenting plan matters tailored to fit any client's legal budget.



We offer legal services for establishing the optimal parenting plan, child support and sharing of expense arrangements for never-married parents.